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  MrTVMount we offer a unique new flat screen installation service with fully authorized, reliable and trusted professional installers in Dallas and surrounding areas. As TV technology advances, we are committed to adopting the latest installation techniques to meet ever-changing lifestyle trends.

On Demand Service​

We know you can’t wait to get your fabulous new TV connected up, so you can indulge your senses with a new world of amazing sights and sounds. We pride ourselves on providing a fast efficient service for every installation package, so there’s no need to keep squeezing your way past that massive, tantalizing, unopened cardboard box. Call us now to book your services and leave the rest to us. We’ll complete every installation on the same day so you can begin your next big entertainment adventure straight away. Watching the telly will never be the same again.

On Demand Service
Few Favors to Ask

Just a Few Favors to Ask

At MrTVMount we pride ourselves on a fast and reliable service. Although you’ll love our time with you, we aim to complete every installation as quickly as possible. So that we can get to work straight away, please make sure before we arrive that:

You have the correct wall bracket as recommended for your particular brand and size of TV. You’ll need to have to hand all the necessary accessories and cables, i.e. HDMI, audio cables, extension leads, etc. For added convenience we can supply all cables and brackets. Just let us know when booking. Typically, it will cost an extra $99.00 for standard cables and tilt mounting bracket.

Checklist complete – okay, let’s get on with the job!